Evezo 302A 4-In-1 Parent Push Tricycle For Kids, Stroller Trike Convertible, Swivel Seat, Reclining Seat, 5-Point Safety Harness, Full Canopy, Led Headlight, Storage Bin (Burgundy Pink)

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  • Grows with your child - 4 ways to ride: infant trike, steering trike, learn-to-ride trike, and classic trike

  • Adult Steer & Stroll adjustable push handle with foam grip. Front wheel coasts while adult pushes

  • Reversible seat for your toddler if you decide to take him or her our for a spin! Comes with 3-point reclining position, 5-point safety harness, and front safety collision bar

  • With a snap of a button, you can unlock the front stepping pedals and your toddler will be able to ride it as a tricycle on his or her own

  • Front LED lighting for the safety when it's dark. Additional storage space. Cup holder. Accommodate your child up to 70 pounds. From 9 months to 5 years

  • Color : Pink

  • Size : One Size

4-Ways to ride; Infant Trike, Steering Trike, Learn-To-Ride Trike, and Classical Trike. Adult Steering Control. Swivel Seat. 3-Point Reclining Seat. 5-Point Safety Harness. Front LED. Paddle & Footrest. Up to 70 Lbs.